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Formidable Pro: Post to Instagram

Todays post is a test of an interesting bit of code supplied by Lance Newman who reverse engineered the Instagram handshake that took place in his phone. We thought it was a very clever response to the oft stated refrain - you cannot Post to Instagram. Lance shows how a

Formidable Pro: Simple Private Messaging

A common request we get here at Broadstreet network is to create a simple messaging system for users to communicate back and forth on the site so we thought it was high time to publish a working model of this to help future clients define their wish list. What follows below is a very simple use case of a private messaging system using Formidable Pro forms and views to drive the basic functionality.

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Formidable Pro Drip Marketing Automation

Recently we completed a project that leveraged Formidable Pro and some custom code we developed to design a system that queues and delivers automated email based on conditions set in any form on a site. Ok.. admittedly that sounds pretty damn boring when you read it.. but really its a very cool very useful tool.

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WorkflowMax and Formidable Pro Integration

A recent client ask us to take a look at WorkflowMax - a platform billed as "All-in-One Job Management Software" that give companies a robust application to manage leads to quotes to project managment. Workflow Max include alot of functionality including quotes, time sheets, job costing, invoices, and integrated project management.