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Formidable Pro: Post to Instagram

Todays post is a test of an interesting bit of code supplied by Lance Newman who reverse engineered the Instagram handshake that took place in his phone. We thought it was a very clever response to the oft stated refrain - you cannot Post to Instagram. Lance shows how a

Formidable Pro: Simple Private Messaging

A common request we get here at Broadstreet network is to create a simple messaging system for users to communicate back and forth on the site so we thought it was high time to publish a working model of this to help future clients define their wish list. What follows below is a very simple use case of a private messaging system using Formidable Pro forms and views to drive the basic functionality.

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Formidable Pro Drip Marketing Automation

Recently we completed a project that leveraged Formidable Pro and some custom code we developed to design a system that queues and delivers automated email based on conditions set in any form on a site. Ok.. admittedly that sounds pretty damn boring when you read it.. but really its a very cool very useful tool.

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WorkflowMax and Formidable Pro Integration

A recent client ask us to take a look at WorkflowMax - a platform billed as "All-in-One Job Management Software" that give companies a robust application to manage leads to quotes to project managment. Workflow Max include alot of functionality including quotes, time sheets, job costing, invoices, and integrated project management.

Formidable Pro: Search by Letter

In this simple little tutorial we tinker with Formidable Pro filters and advanced search options to sort/filter the results of submitted data by first letter of some field. In this case we are going to create a form that populates a small directory of First and Last names and allow you to click a link and filter results by that letter.

Formidable Pro: Adding icons to your form fields to make them awesome-er

I think we can all admit that forms, out of the box, are pretty damn boring. These essential UI elements that are largely responsible for most "conversion" opportunities all too often get short shrift in the design department. Recently, we helped a client make their forms a little bit more engaging and thought that there were folks out there who might benefit from these relatively easy steps. In this brief introduction you will get shown how to adjust Formidable Pro CSS classes to incorporate a little awesome-ness using Font Awesome Icons to "pretty-up" form fields.

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