Social Media presence is critical to the success of your web site. Social Media posts drive traffic to your site without requiring you to spend advertising dollars on placements, can go viral and provide a bigger impact, and are easy to maintain once you’re in the habit.

It’s not difficult, but it’s a lot more work than most people realize before they’re immersed in it. It’s mostly about consistency.

The following is a to-do listgiven to the manager of a fledgling “internet television” community site.┬áStep 4 below is crucial, because it defines what’s meant by “Success”, but every step is important.

  1. Create accounts/pages on every major social media network.

    The accounts should:

    1. All use the same contact name and email address
    2. All have the same name or “Title”
    3. All have the same info/description
    4. All link to the same website
    5. All have the same “custom link” – most networks allow you to customize your URL


  2. Set up a CMS-driven site that links to all the various accounts through “Follow Me” and “Like Me” links.cms social media automation

    Your site should also:

    1. auto-post to each of the networks whenever there’s an update
    2. allow “Share This” functionality
    3. ideally, generate 10+ posts/day that go out to all the social networks – realistically you’ll probably do 1-3 every few days, but anything is better than nothing.
    4. the more intelligent effort you put into it, the bigger the return on investment.