Content, content, content. Write a blog post, send it to Twitter, make a status update on Facebook, snap a pic with Instagram, and Pin it. It’s “content marketing” after all, which means you need reams and rivers of content, everyday, all the time! Right?

Not so. Content marketing is still marketing. Content exists in the service of business goals, period. If you’re, let’s say, a widget manufacturer, your primary goal is to make widgets and sell them. If you spend all of your time producing content instead of widgets, you end up with an empty widget warehouse (and an empty bank account). What’s a widget manufacturer to do?

Yes, content is king. Content ┬áis key in establishing your subject matter authority – you know everything about widgets. Content is key to being found by your potential customers – search engines (cough… Google… cough) reward websites with fresh content. Content is key in maintaining relationships with your customers – you’re full of helpful advice.

What is not key is volume. Quality content is better than tons of not-so-great content. One really stellar blog post every week is better than 20 cruddy ones.

Now here’s where I tell you a secret about making the most of your high-quality content…

Be consistent! Publish your one high quality blog post on the same day at the same time every week. Do this with ramrod consistency. Do not waver. Be consistent!

Why is consistency so important? Consistency sets expectations for your audience and for search bots. When people know when to expect your one amazing piece of content every week, they will start to anticipate it, return to your site regularly to find it, and you will have achieved marketing nirvana – a motivated and engaged audience who care about what you have to say.

What tools do you use to keep your content schedule consistent?