You’ve got a business, you’ve got advertising, you’ve got stationery, you’ve got good word-of-mouth, you’ve got steady customers, you’ve got a website. Why do you need a mailing list?

It’s simple: unless you’re building your list and using it to intelligently funnel information to and from your audience, you’re leaving cash on the table. You’re saying “No!” to more business, better relationships, more word-of-mouth, more value for and from existing customers.

A smartly segmented opt-in mailing list is an opportunity to up-sell existing customers, broadcast new product offerings, schedule and automate article series’ that highlight your products, services, and expertise and draw customers into a tighter relationship with your business. It’s a chance to gain actionable analytics that you can use to better appeal to your market. It’s a way to drive traffic to your site.

Combined with a well-planned and well-built website, and the right approach to making the system work, it’s a 24/7 sales team, lead generator, and customer service department all rolled into one.

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