There’s something in the human soul that just loves a list, apparently. I say apparently, because really lists posts are what make the internet go ’round. Maybe it’s the inherent orderliness of a list or the fact that they’re so easy to consume in our otherwise hectic lives, but list posts are consistently the most popular kind of web content.

So the next time you’re stuck for business blog content, make a list!

Here’s a few different kinds of list posts that you might want to consider.

1. The resource list

Do you really know your stuff on a given topic? Make a list of the most helpful resources available on that topic. Users will love it and bookmark and visit it often and share it. Win!

2. The tips list

Just want it sounds like – a list of useful tips. The advantage is that tips lists are really focused and it starts with the headline, for example Top 5 Tips for Making a Great Cake. Users know what they’re getting and you get great traffic driving content that inherently has killer SEO.

3. The best of list

We’ve all seen those “Best of” lists that circulate at the end of the year. List making is like the official sport of December because people love to have all of the stuff about a really big topic like what went down in 2013 curated and ordered in a sensible fashion. Do that and you’ll have your readers eating out of your hand.

And if you’re making a list of Best Website Development and Digital Marketing Companies, consider Broad Street Network! 😉