Reports about mobile internet usage skyrocketing are pretty old hat by now. For every single site build we do at Broad Street Network, responsiveness – the fancy word for how does it look on a smart phone and a tablet – is a chief consideration. The same is true with email marketing – the final test before clicking send is to look at the mail on multiple phones.

“Mobile” was once it’s own separate category of marketing activity, but now it’s just a fact of life. You’re doing mobile marketing if you’re doing digital marketing.

But a new report from GlobalWebIndex expands the picture further. It’s tempting to believe that this mobile market is mostly made of younger people, but the report blows this theory out of the water.

While tablets lag behind a bit (due no doubt to cost of device), Smartphones and PCs are neck in neck for consumer eyeballs. The real kicker? The stats cut across demographics equally, regardless of affluence, age, or ethnicity.


eMarketer thinks roughly 100 million US internet users will log on to social networking sites via smartphones at least once per month this year.


How many your customers are included in that number

and what is your plan to reach them via social media?