Location! Location! Location!

In the traditional world of retail, location is everything. Online, INFORMATION is. Information serves the same role as location, which is to get traffic into your “store”.

That’s why it’s important to make publishing blog posts or articles that relate to your core business a priority. Put yourself in the mindset of someone who’s looking for products or services like yours.

How would YOU find you online?

What other interests might you have that are related? What websites or blogs appeal to you? If you did research in order to learn about your industry, where did you get your information?Content Marketing Image from upquarks.com by Rocky John Tayaban - License: Creative Commons

The sad fact of the matter is that almost nobody is going to type in the exact name of your business, and most potential customers aren’t even consciously looking.

You need to think about how your target market finds information, and what kinds of information they’re likely to search for. Think about showing up in places most businesses can’t, spots your customers frequent but your competition doesn’t. Imagine if you could set up shop wherever there’s a warm lead and be in multiple places at once. Imagine great free advertising that runs forever.

To do this you’ll need a clear ide