Facebook is important and pervasive. Your business must be on Facebook. Full stop. But now that you have a business page on Facebook, what should you post on it?

There are two very important things to remember about posting to Facebook:

  1. You should post often enough to pop up on your fan’s timeline so they will be consistently reminded of you and your business.
  2. Post interesting and engaging things that will help them interact with your business page.

Here are a few tips to engage your customers on your Facebook page:

Understand How People Use Facebook

A client who’s a chef recently complained that her recipes do not get attention when she posts them on Facebook. This is not surprising. Recipes which require a user to do something like go shopping and make a meal just don’t fit into typical Facebook usage. People like to be entertained on Facebook. They like engaging, quick hit content. They’re mostly browsing Facebook on smart phones while waiting for a bus, during the office coffee break, or other divided attention situations. Keep this in mind when creating Facebook content.


Facebook is photos. Hands down, sharing photos is the best way to engage your Facebook fans. Posting a photo to illustrate a point you wanted to make, or feature you want to discuss is a great way to get users talking, especially if it comes with a link back to something on your website. You can also post photos meant to be captioned by users who visit your page, photos of products, funny pet photos, or any kind of photos that relate to your business.


One of the best ways to get engagement from fans is to simply ask for it. Asking questions on your Facebook page will almost always spark some kind of conversation, which is great for your brand. From a simple yes or no question, to a more involved poll, or a vote on a photo, questions gets the attention of your potential customers and helps them feel invested in your Facebook page. Be sure to respond when users leave comments as well, to let them know there’s a person behind the brand.


Posting short, easy to digest tips to your Facebook page will keep users coming back for more – and get them clicking through to your website. Tips posts, lists posts, or “Top 5” or “Top 10” posts are not only effective website content, they make for great social content as well. A quick tease posted to Facebook like “Find out 4 easy Facebook content ideas to keep your customers engaged on Facebook” will draw your engaged Facebook audience right back to your site.

See? Engaging customers on your Facebook page isn’t so hard. Do one of these things a day and your Facebook page will not only be hopping, but your business will reap the rewards as well.