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The Editorial Calendar 101

Yesterday we talked about the value of consistent content (as opposed to tons of content) and today we'll talk about the most important tool in producing content... the editorial calendar. First, a few surprising facts about editorial calendars: 1. Many people do not have one and 2. Many people get all freaked out about the "editorial calendar" likes it's some sort of terrifying task involving filing forms in triplicate. Relax! It's a calendar. No, really. An editorial calendar is just a plan to remind you what you need to write about and when you need to do it. Basically, you're


Content is King… but So is Consistency

Content, content, content. Write a blog post, send it to Twitter, make a status update on Facebook, snap a pic with Instagram, and Pin it. It's "content marketing" after all, which means you need reams and rivers of content, everyday, all the time! Right? Not so. Content marketing is still marketing. Content exists in the service of business goals, period. If you're, let's say, a widget manufacturer, your primary goal is to make widgets and sell them. If you spend all of your time producing content instead of widgets, you end up with an empty widget warehouse (and an empty