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Formidable Pro: Post to Instagram

Todays post is a test of an interesting bit of code supplied by Lance Newman who reverse engineered the Instagram handshake that took place in his phone. We thought it was a very clever response to the oft stated refrain - you cannot Post to Instagram. Lance shows how a little perseverance and technical smarts makes the impossible possible. Admittedly standing on Lances shoulders and his good work we thought we'd take his approach try applying it using Formidable Pro to accept images then try and post them to Instagram. This little app uses Broad Street Networks Instagram Account.


Formidable Pro: Simple Private Messaging

A common request we get here at Broadstreet network is to create a simple messaging system for users to communicate back and forth on the site so we thought it was high time to publish a working model of this to help future clients define their wish list. What follows below is a very simple use case of a private messaging system using Formidable Pro forms and views to drive the basic functionality.

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Formidable Pro Drip Marketing Automation

Recently we completed a project that leveraged Formidable Pro and some custom code we developed to design a system that queues and delivers automated email based on conditions set in any form on a site. Ok.. admittedly that sounds pretty damn boring when you read it.. but really its a very cool very useful tool.

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Formidable Pro Color Picker Plugin – Add Color Pickers To Your Forms

Recently we were working on a project that required us to supply some design control for clients submitting a WordPress post via a Formidable Pro form. We thought wouldn't it be nice to give these users a simple color picker to set things like title colors, background colors and the like.


WorkflowMax and Formidable Pro Integration

A recent client ask us to take a look at WorkflowMax - a platform billed as "All-in-One Job Management Software" that give companies a robust application to manage leads to quotes to project managment. Workflow Max include alot of functionality including quotes, time sheets, job costing, invoices, and integrated project management.


Robert Keenan, President

Broad Street Network Founder and President Robert Keenan is an award-winning multimedia producer and online marketing strategy consultant to major corporations in Canada and US. He and his company Broad Street Network provide solutions ranging from e-commerce, to Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation and content management, and online creative programs to a host of corporations. The company is focused on solving practical business challenges in the realm of sales generation, audience retention and actionable data analytics, and can provide end-to-end digital media strategies for companies looking to utilize the newest media in their core businesses and marketing initiatives.


Karen Marren

With over 20 years working in the graphic design industry, Karen Marren brings both a creative sensibility and a practical marketing and business application to all of her work. She has worked in every conceivable permutation of the design business, from large agencies to boutique studios. She has worked with a variety of clients from Fortune 500 firms to entrepreneurs with start-up businesses.


Christopher Bak

As done over the course of his 20 year career, Christopher generously applies his experience in technology powered communications to elevate the teams and organizations that he works with while producing high-impact, world class output.


Darryl Erentzen

Darryl Erentzen is a 20 year veteran of the Web and web development. He has worked on almost every conceivable platform in just about every programming or scripting language to percolate through the internet in past 20 years. During his career, Darryl has leveraged open source software to provide information architecture. systems integration and development leadership to companies big and small.


Brandy Dean

Brandy Dean is a published journalist, copy-writer, social media and online marketing expert whose experience includes a strong foundation in content marketing, brand development and technology.


Formidable Pro: Easy Tabs From Formidable Section Headings jQuery

Quite often we're asked to take a form and make its sections show up in tabbed format - that is, allow the user to show or hide form sections by clicking tabs down the side or across the top of the page. It's pretty easy to do with a bit of jQuery and CSS.


Formidable Pro: Search by Letter

In this simple little tutorial we tinker with Formidable Pro filters and advanced search options to sort/filter the results of submitted data by first letter of some field. In this case we are going to create a form that populates a small directory of First and Last names and allow you to click a link and filter results by that letter.


Formidable Pro: Add a MailPoet Subscriber using Formidable Pro

We recently had an inquiry from a client looking to integrate their MailPoet user subscription list with one of our favorite tools in our Toolbox, Formidable Pro. Turns out, after a little research, it's actually quite easy. In this Lab post, we use a Formidable Pro form to add users to a an existing MailPoet mailing list.


What the Hell is a Responsive Website? (It’s a thing you need right now)

Spend a few moments browsing any of the ever popular theme aggregation websites for a Wordpress theme and you'll see the same word over and over: responsive. This theme is responsive. Fully responsive. Now 50% more responsive! Okay, I made that last one up, but you get the point. Most themes are responsive these days and it's a major selling point for theme developers. But why is it so important that your website by responsive. In a nutshell, a responsive website is one that adapts to whatever device a user happens to be viewing that website on, be it a