We recently had an inquiry from a client looking to integrate their MailPoet user subscription list with one of our favorite tools in our Toolbox, Formidable Pro. Turns out, after a little research, it’s actually quite easy. In this Lab post, we use a Formidable Pro form to add users to a an existing MailPoet mailing list. MailPoet makes it very easy to use third party forms (Formidable Pro, Gravity Forms, Contact 7 .. or forms you make your self). We are going to use the sample code provided from the good folks at MailPoet and a form we created using Formidable Pro to capture the user data and send it to the mailing list specified.

Lets take a look at the MailPoet supplied code.

[code language=”php”]

function processMyForm(){

//you could make some validation even though validation
//is also processed in our function
$my_email_variable = $_P