A recent client ask us to take a look at WorkflowMax – a platform billed as “All-in-One Job Management Software” that give companies a robust application to manage leads to quotes to project managment. Workflow Max include alot of functionality including quotes, time sheets, job costing, invoices, and integrated project management.

As they Put it.. “WorkflowMax’s software contains everything you need to manage your business workflow — in one integrated platform”.  Quite unexpectedly  they also provide a nice, well documented API.

Our job was to explore how to leverage Formidable Pro form management capabilities within WordPress to route leads to the WorkflowMax platform. Turns out, it was a fairly painless process.

Below, you will find a basic contact form we used as a test of basic functionality. Feel free to fill out the form below to submit your contact information to our Lead management application on WorkflowMax and see the results.