About Candidates Inc.: Applicant Tracking System


About Candidates Inc. is the site for a recruitment firm that specializes in "hard target" recruiting, most often of senior technical specialists and IT personnel. They can recruit candidates others aren't even able to find or approach. The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Broad Street Network created for About Candidates Inc. incorporates many of the features of enterprise-level systems

Lenses Only Optical: A Virtual Mirror Application


This little brainstorm arose from a simple question: Q. What do customers do in a store that sells eyeglasses? A. Try on glasses and look in a mirror. Wouldn't it be handy if people could do the same thing online? Now they can. Re-using some of the same code that enables the Custom PD Measurer Application we wrote for Lenses

Lenses Only Optical: A Custom PD Measurer Application


After successful creation of the Lenses Only Optical Contest Landing Page, and the subsequent development of a Lenses Only Optical E-Commerce Site, the client discovered a need for customers to be able to measure the distance between their pupils (PD or pupillary distance). After all, a prescription is useless without a PD  to set the focal point of the lenses.

Lenses Only Optical: Developing An E-Commerce Site


After launching a basic landing page for Lenses Only Optical's first successful web site promotion, we encouraged our client to move quickly to capitalize on their gains while the buzz was still fresh in people's minds. To this end, we assisted Lenses Only Optical in developing a uniquely innovative business pitch that centered around a new way of



Bloor Information and Life Skills Centre (BILS) provides free and confidential Settlement and Immigration, support for Abused Women, assistance accessing community and government resources, and other services to recent immigrants. Service is provided in Albanian, Bengali, Cantonese, English, Hindi, Mandarin, Spanish and Urdu. Broad Street Network was approached to assist them in the transition from a paper-based

Burak Jacobson Research Partners


Burak Jacobson Research Partners Inc. is a research firm that delivers actionable business intelligence to their clients. Their web site was woefully out of date and difficult to manage. Broad Street Network re-designed the site and helped refine their messaging to clearly, concisely deliver the value proposition their services represent. A migration to WordPress on the

Lenses Only Optical Contest Landing Page


Lenses Only Optical sells eyeglasses out of two stores, one in Hartford and one in Bloomfield CT. They came to us looking for help in raising their profile and using the web to generate business. Our initial engagement involved creating an online identity and leveraging it by making a landing page for an online contest, and

99 Percent Inc.


99 Percent Inc. was a spin-off developed using the About Candidates Inc.  Applicant Tracking System developed by Broad Street Network. It was built on an innovative yet elegantly simple business model, the pitch: for Candidates "Get Paid to Get Hired", for Recruiters "We Pay You Hire". The math is kind of complicated but the idea is

Mason Caplan Dizgun LLP


Mason Caplan Dizgun LLP is a relatively new law firm set up by a group of established attorneys who left their respective firms and struck out on their own. With senior partners whose distinguished careers span a variety of specializations within the legal spectrum. Like many industries - especially in Canada - the legal profession

Burnt Timber Lifting Solutions


Burnt Timber Lifting Solutions is an equipment provider for multiple industries, from construction to logging to oil and beyond, their single-minded focus on lifting solutions - mini-cranes, man baskets and lifting attachments for difficult-to-access locations - makes them a leader in the Western Canadian market. The bar for websites of this nature is pretty low, both in

About Candidates Inc. Web Site


About Candidates Inc. is the site for a recruitment firm that specializes in "hard target" recruiting, most often of technical specialists and IT personnel. They can recruit candidates others aren't even able to find or approach. One notable recruit was actually in a camp in the Arctic at the time they contacted him! Although they'd been using the internet pretty effectively for



The mission of HomeCareConnex.com is to create transparency and accountability in Personal Home Healthcare Services. HomeCareConnex.com was started by Alexandra J Sharwood to address the needs of Care Seekers. While sourcing qualified home healthcare workers and navigating options for her family, she found that transparency and accountability are lacking in the current process - at a



The Founder of RevvMe.com came to us with an idea for a site that would simplify self-promotion for Real Estate Agents on Social Media, by allowing them to aggregate and syndicate Reviews created by their customers. Real Estate is all about relationships and referrals, so Social Media is an ideal fit. When it comes to



Talent Hounds is the digital component for a television series and community of dog lovers. Being part community site, part vendor directory, and part marketing platform for a television series, Talent Hounds need to be flexible above all. Broad Street Network provided a flexible but power website to drive marketing, send out casting calls, and recruit vendors to a paid directory, all centered around the dog community. Using the best technology available for community driven websites, we've created a site that serves the needs of Talent Hounds today - and tomorrow.

Entera Utility Contractors


Entera is one of Toronto's leading utilities contractors. The Entera staff are a group of hardworking people who are very good at what they do. They know utilities backwards and forwards, but the only thing they knew about websites is that they needed one. Broad Street Network worked with Entera to provide a complete solution.

R.B. Somerville


R.B. Somerville is one of Canada's leading suppliers of infrastructure, design, install and maintain the infrastructure that makes energy flow. Because R.B. Somerville is not a consumer facing business, their website and marketing needs seemed fairly modest on the surface: a basic site with company information and job postings and a bit of quarterly b2b marketing.

Miller’s Bakery


Miller's Bakery is a Northern New Jersey institution, popular with locals in Tenafly and Clifton for custom children's birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and even the morning muffin and coffee. After contemplating a basic website redesign, owner Dwight Miller decided it was time to try online sales as well. Given the design and function update, along

Charles Street Video 2.0


Charles Street Video is a Toronto based not-for-profit membership arts organization with a mission – to foster the production of independent film and video art in Canada. With a long and successful history, CSV is about to make a major organizational change when it becomes part of T-Mac, a collective of Toronto arts organizations with