Running a website without paying attention to SEO is a little bit like opting to pay the cable bill over the electric bill. If you don’t adhere to the expectations of search engines, no one will ever find your website no matter how amazing it is.

SEO and SEM are kind of unfair. The basics of SEO are easy to grasp and fulfill and many development platforms do alot of the heavy lifting. There are also a lot of helpful tools and an ocean of good advice out there. But beyond the basics, SEO gets kind of tough.  Search engines take as many as an estimated 200 different elements into account when determining how to rank your site. The more of these elements you get right, the better you will do.

However, SEO is not a one-time job. It’s less of a task and more of a set of best practices that must be done each and everyday. Plus – and here’s the unfair part – search engines chance the rules fairly frequently and sometimes dramatically. It is a full-time job to remain aware of those best practices and adjust your strategies to meet the evolving requirements.

Broad Street Network does that full-time job, with expert team members who know what’s what with SEO and work diligently to keep on top of the changes. We have the SEO services you need to keep your website in the good graces of the search engines and draw the audience who actually needs your business’ products and services.

If you want to get your SEO into top shape, contact Broad Street Network today.