Brandy Dean is a published journalist, copy-writer, social media and online marketing expert whose experience includes a strong foundation in content marketing, brand development and technology.

Ms. Dean developed her copy writing skills while earning a B.A. in Journalism at New York University. She published regularly in many local daily and weekly New York newspapers including Washington Square News, Chelsea Now, and Our Town, leading to freelance reporting for the New York Daily News.

Ms Dean moved on to serve as Director of Marketing at Pica9, a producer of web-based marketing automation systems for Fortune 500 and national brands. She developed the company’s brand identity, wrote and executed formal marketing plans, and created promotional material, for both print and the web. Ms Dean delivered needs assessments for clients such as Marriott, Hilton, Allstate, and Fed Ex and developed tools to execute effective local marketing strategies.

Focusing on emerging social media platforms to identify key players and their relationships, Ms. Dean directed both domestic and offshore teams of data analysts for KOL specialty agency Heartbeat Digital and Software. Under her direction, she headed the program mining data channels for global pharmaceutical and biotech concerns such as Pfizer, Merck, and Abbott Laboratories to create more effective targeted marketing and sales programs.

With an accumulated expertise in writing, marketing, data analysis and technology, Ms. Dean launched Pretty Clever Things, a social media and marketing consultancy specializing in adapting Fortune 500 marketing strategies and data analytics to the specific needs of entrepreneurs using social media tools and strategies.