You might already have a business a website, but do you have the right website? At the Broad Street Network, we often bump into clients that have websites, but not quite the right ones. Sometimes, the site is just out of date – it doesn’t reflect the current branding or product and service information is outdated. More often, the site is up-to-date on design and information, but it doesn’t provide the functions that a business needs – it’s hard to update, the site doesn’t sync with social media sites, it doesn’t allow businesses to collect user data.

Here are five questions to ask when considering whether to keep your current website or invest in a new one:

  • Does your website reflect your current branding and is it up to date with all of the products and services you offer?
  • Does your website ease the work of a social media campaign by connecting with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites?
  • Does your website do the heavy lifting in your sales process, getting your customers excited and ready to buy before you even speak with them?
  • Can you update your website with new information, products, photos, or blog posts on your own or do you have to pay expensive web developers and designers to make even small changes?
  • Does your website do a great job with SEO?

Each of these five points is crucial to having a successful business website that will drive sales and increase your revenues. If you answered no to any one of these questions, it’s time to consider investing in a new website.

The Broad Street Network can help you design a new website that works for your business. With cost effective technology and flexible pricing plans, we can build a website that works for you today and leaves room for incremental improvements as your business evolves. Contact us today for a free consultation!